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Have You Ever thought of Planning Your Fun First?

Good Morning Beautiful People. When I wake up every morning, part of my morning routine is to state 17 "I AM" affirmations reminding myself of who The Father is to me. I then focus on the one I need the most for the day and meditate on scriptures related to that area...yesterday " I AM YOUR COMFORT" was the one that I most needed.

COMFORT is defined as:

:to give strength and hope to : CHEER

to ease the grief or trouble of : CONSOLE

And The Father met me right there...I had the best night's sleep that I've had in a while. And this morning I feel whole once again after 2 weeks of taking a step back from many of my daily work committments to replenish and renew. EFFECTIVE Morning Routines are Important, but so are EFFECTIVE Daily Routines and EFFECTIVE Nightly Routines and EFFECTIVE weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual scheduling. That word EFFECTIVE is vey important. There are routines, but then there are EFFECTIVE routines that get a certain worthwhile result. Routines are not just important for you, but also for your children and all in your household.

Registration is now open for my next cohort in January 2021 as I take 10 women through 30 days of effortlessly maximizng their productivity at home and work, achieving their own rhythm with work-life balance, and creating more time for daily rest and relaxation. There are a few spots left...Text me at 215.559.9222 or send me a facebook message with your preferred name, email address and cell phone number for more information.


Have you ever tried scheduling your rest, relaxation, and fun FIRST and then planning the rest of your week around that?? Enjoy these pics of me and the fam from a couple of weeks ago - two days at the beach in 3 days. What is the point of working around the clock 24/7, having no energy just to generate massive revenues and then have no energy or time for the ones you say you love???

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